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How will my donation help?

$1.00 will purchase special feeding syringes used for small mouths.

$12.00 will provide antibiotics for an injured eye

$2.00 will buy a warm blanket to comfort an orphan.

$30.00 will provide formula for a litter of squirrels

$3.00 will feed a nest of hungry songbirds.

$50.00 will provide blood tests for an eagle with lead poisoning

$5.00 will suture torn skin.

$75.00 will provide formula for a litter or raccoons.

$6.00 will provide fluids to a dehydrated animal.

$80.00 will repair a broken wing

$8.00 will provide antibiotics for a sick animal.

$100.00 will provide formula for one fawn

$10.00 will buy a heating pad to warm a cold body.

$125.00 will provide an x-ray to fix a broken bone.

$10.00 will provide formula for a litter of bunnies.