Peaches FACTS

*She is a salmon-crested cockatoo, previously known as a moluccan cockatoo

*Peaches hatched in 1991 and was acquired in 1997

*She has quite a vocabulary and phrases include "Hello" "Goodbye" 'pretty bird" "How are you" "Holy cow" "peaches"; she also calls and whistles for abby, her former pet dog that she lived with. 

*Salmon-crested cockatoos live on average of 70 years, so they are a life long commitment pet

*In the wild they are found in low land rainforests in the Moluccan islands in Indonesia

*Their natural diet includes fruits, seeds, nuts, and insects. They really like coconuts. Peaches enjoys eating sweet potatoes, broccoli, and peanuts.

*Salmon-crested cockatoos can no longer be imported into the United States because they are listed on the wild bird conservation act; they are still being bred in captivity. 

*They are a popular pet due to their trainability and good looks!

Peaches video