Thank you for helping us with the  18th Annual 

September 16th, 2023We had 600 people involvedRaised over $23,000 for wildlife rehabHad 44 sponsors and donorsA wonderful band with Good NewsAnd welcomed 2 amazing food trucks!

Join us for the 19th annual Walk for Wildlife on Saturday, September 21st....and we hope Peaches is ready for her close-ups!

Why do we walk for wildlife?

Over 6,000 orphaned, injured, and ill wild animals are found by the public every year in need of help! With volunteers and donations, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary’s R-PAWS program gives each animal the help and chance they deserve to become wild again! This fundraiser provides the necessary funds to make sure we can work together to help all wildlife in need get back to the wild where they belong!

Our resident woodchuck ambassador, Bernard, will be this year's Walk for Wildlife Ambassador and help to kick off the start of the walk! He was hit by a car as a youngster and has been with us for a year, representing wild woodchucks and teaching people about nature all around us! Come and meet him at Station 1!

""Never doubt that a small group of

thoughtful, committed citizens can change

the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

                  - Margaret Mead